Bush Signs Big Rewrite of Bankruptcy Law

WASHINGTON – President Bush signed a bill Wednesday that will make it harder for debt-ridden people to wipe clean their financial slates by declaring bankruptcy.

The legislation was strongly opposed by consumer rights activists who said it would prevent vulnerable Americans from getting the fresh start they need. But Bush said the law was “restoring integrity to the bankruptcy process.” …

Take control of your credit and Debt is even more important know that Bush has signed this into law.

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Net Aids Access to Sensitive ID Data

By Jonathan Krim, Washington Post Staff Writer

Want someone else’s Social Security number?

It’s $35 at www.secret-info.com. It’s $45 at www.Iinfosearch.com, where users can also sign up for a report containing an individual’s credit-card charges, as well as an e-mail with other “tips, secrets & spy info!” The Web site Gum-shoes.com promises that “if the information is out there, our licensed investigators can find it.”

Although Social Security numbers are one of the most powerful pieces of personal information an identity thief can possess, they remain widely available and inexpensive despite public outcry and the threat of a congressional crackdown after breaches at large information brokers.

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