From debt to wealth on $10 a day

From debt to wealth on $10 a day

From ‘Pay it Down’ by Jean Chatzky: 6 ways to pay down your credit cards and build up savings.
September 27, 2004: 9:56 AM EDT
By Jean Chatzky, MONEY Magazine

NEW YORK (MONEY Magazine) – How would you like to be free of credit card debt? To have a financial cushion to fall back on?

To know you have the skills to save and invest for any goal — and to guarantee your financial future? You can get there on $10 a day. If that sounds like very little — well, it is. But it could be the key to your future.

Let’s say you’re the average American. You have a decent job, but you also have $8,000 in high-rate credit-card debt and no savings to speak of. You may not believe that $10 a day can dig you out of that hole. But it can– and in less time than you think.
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Online Automated Credit Repair Just What the FTC Ordered

First of it’s kind automated credit restoration system revolutionizes industry.
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Date : Sunday – May 01, 2005

Niles, MI (PRWEB) May 1, 2005 — When the FTC released a statement that people should do their own credit restoration it couldn’t have made the partners of more pleased. ACRES, which stands for Automated Credit Restoration e System is a new era in credit restoration and debt elimination that takes the industry into the 21st century and saves consumers a bundle of money..

“It’s a true testament to the individuals that desire to have total control over their financial affairs” said Patrick Zanders, ACReSystem’s Director of Marketing, “because it allows individuals to learn how the credit system works and then how to work the system. We have taken all the guesswork out of credit restoration and debt management and brought it down to an easy to understand system”. “The fully automated system even creates the legal communication with the credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies and mails them online if the members so choose” Zanders Stated.

“We have received many calls from some of the better known so-called credit repair companies and they were rather rude to say the least. You’d think that we were giving away magicians secrets. We looked at their rudeness as a sign we were headed in the right direct”. Zanders stated. ”

In an age where identity theft is at an all time high, we felt that the best way to prevent id theft, is to not let anyone have access to it. That’s another reason people love the system”. “We also see that interest rates on mortages are climbing steadily and to get the best rates, people need the cleanest report they can have.” Zanders Commented

The cost for lifetime access to is $295. Members also have access to the many other benefits like in house debt negotiation and foreclosure avoidance specialists, as well as an affiliate program that pays out nearly 50% in commissions.

The web site also provides detailed information on credit enhancment, obtaining mortgages, budgeting, evaluating judgements to see if there was errors which would allow a motion to vacate and much more.

Patrick Zanders,
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