Get Thin And Get Wealthy

ScaleA new report published by the British Medical Journal finds the healthier you are the richer you will be. They conclude there is a link between health and wealth. They also point out the tall people are more likely to make more money than shorter people.

I have often said Debt reduction is similar to weight loss. So to take my analogy further as you work on debt reduction, working out could help you make more money which means you can reduce your debt faster and start to make that money work for you.

More Money Play Video Games

xbox 360

The world economies have definitely changed. How about making $450,000 in two years [tag]playing video games[/tag]? [tag]Tom Taylor[/tag] did it and he is a teenager. He is listed in Stuff Magazine and is part of an upcoming 11 week reality show on the [tag]USA network[/tag]. This weekend he is competing in an online gaming torment in [tag]Los Vegas[/tag] where the grand prize is $100,000!

Why does this teenager make so much money playing games? He found something he loves and has passion for and went out and made money at it. I guess this story was important to me because a lot of people are experts in a number of different “things” and could make extra income sharing their expertise. We have to realize our special knowledge and find ways to monetize them. With the internet this becomes easier and easier to do.

Many of the [tag]debt reduction experts[/tag] suggest raising income by cutting cost, selling stuff or getting a second or third job.

Let’s say you were a very knowledge able about dogs and [tag]yellow labs[/tag] in particular. You could open a blog for free and start sharing your knowledge. There are a variety of things you could do to turn the blog into a revenue generating venture.

Find our passion and start small with little to know cost and take daily action to grow your revenue. The world has definitely changed but in terms of earning extra income with little to no down side, I think it has changed for the better.