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I just found this on MSN Money. If you need help with your credit and debt issues this is a great FREE opportunity. Check it out. As my good friend says,”If it’s free, it’s for me!”

Tuesday, Sept. 12, is the day for you. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and MSN Money are marking National Get Out of Debt Day by answering all your credit-related questions, either by telephone or online.On Tuesday, during business hours, counselors at nonprofit consumer credit counseling agencies across the country will be ready for your questions about debt and personal finances at 866-481-6322 (866-481-NFCC). Counselors will listen to your questions and problems, and they’ll either provide personal answers on the spot or make arrangements to help you further, by phone or in person.

Talk to a credit expert right now – MSN Money

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Simple Guide to credit counseling

Simple Guide to credit counseling

I am sure you have seen the TV commercials from debt consolidation companies lining up to help you out of your financial situation. But will they really help you or could they do more harm than good? Questions you must ask yourself before you engage them for help.

A simple fact: The debt counseling industry rakes in about $7 billion a year! Wow! This is a huge number. So any company offering to make your debt disappear or help you through the “tough times” has a very large profit motive. So you should do your homework. There are many legitimate debt counseling companies but there are many that are fly by nights trying to cash in on this $7 billion a year industry.

If you can pay all your bills on time and are current on all your bills then don not use credit counseling! This is not the proper debt reduction method for you.

Consider credit counseling if:

• Can’t pay your minimum payments
• Late consistently
• In collections
• Unable to negotiate better terms with your creditors

What to watch for:
• But be careful of high up front fees.
• Missed payments
• If the company makes promises that are too good to be true
The bottom line:
Some lenders will look at enrolling in credit counseling as a negative and will not lend to you. Others will not. So it’s really a personal situation if you want to contact one of these services. If you do, be very careful because there are many sharks in the water and there are some very legitimate companies. Do your homework.