Bravo Oprah

Bravo Oprah!

[tag]Oprah[/tag] is famous for giving away great studio prizes. Some have included new cars, [tag]paying off debt[/tag] and the list goes on.

But this gift give away was a little different. 300 audience members where given a $1,000 [tag]gift debt card[/tag] which was sponsored by Bank of America. Here’s how it works. You can give the money to an individual or split it up amongst several different charities. Family members are not eligible to receive the money.

Oprah is using her high profile to promote giving back to the [tag]community[/tag]. Times are tough out there for the average American Family so with this small jester Oprah has put a spot light on giving.

This year we hope to help at a homeless shelter for [tag]thanksgiving[/tag] and we always do a big round up of clothes and old toys for donation during the holidays. What can you do to help?