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I’ll bet my credit stunk worse than yours may ever have
— I’ll even bet my credit was worse than many others
you’ve heard about.

But it’s NOT like that today.

Today I make incredible money and have amazing credit.
But I never used a lawyer or one of those so-called
nonprofit credit counseling agencies.

Here’s a tip:

Did you know that those places are nothing more than
wolves-in-sheep’s clothing ?

It’s a fact: Nonprofit credit counseling agencies
(although made by popular mainstream media to appear
altruistic) are nevertheless out to make a buck off of

Here’s how: EXACTLY like a collection agency, they get
a percentage of whatever amounts they can collect from
you towards your debts (that’s right! they actually
work alongside your CREDITORS, not you!)

If they get $1,000 from you, they may make up to $150

If they get $5,000 from you, they may make up to $750
(again 15%).

So which do you think they really want ? …

$150 ? …

or …

$750 ?

So if you tell them what you really have (because
they’ll surely be asking you!), you can be pretty sure
they’ll only end up ratting you out to all your
creditors and you’ll loose everything, be able to just
get by (if you’re lucky!), and work as a slave to feed
them and NOT yourself!


Why do you think I wrote “My FREE Credit Repair”
anyway ?

I first fixed my own situation, then quickly began
helping others (who like yourself, thought there was no
hope in sight).

Then, I wrote the book (not just one, but several
different titles about this still little-known

The title gives the TRUE PURPOSE away: that you don’t
need to hire attorneys, so-called professionals, etc.,
to get your credit fixed and your debts dissolved
because you can do it yourself, and for FREE!

Besides, do you really want to trust a wolf-in-sheep’s
clothing to all your most guarded private financial
information ?

Only YOU should be privy to that.

You can pick it up for next to nothing over at: just seconds from now.

So be sure to secure for yourself
without further delay!

And just to make sure you do, I’m knocking OFF 86.46%
from the full price just for you getting it NOW or
within the very next 24-hrs! So please, please HURRY!

Most sincerely,

-Howard L Moreland
Creator of

PS … Please be sure to watch out for more tips from
me on your credit, and more effective financing
strategies to come soon …

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