Invalid Credit Card

So if you don’t sign your credit card its invalid? Well does that mean the purchases are invalid? Does it mean you are breaking the law if you do not sign the card yet go on to buy something? Read this blog post and see what you think.

Sign Your Credit CardIt’s a little known fact that your credit card is actually invalid until it’s signed. Really. Look at the fine print of the agreement that comes along with the card in the mail; it’s also printed on the back of the card. However, most merchants will allow you, or anyone, to use an unsigned card.Signing your card actually helps protect you from fraud since it’s much more difficult to copy your signature than for a thief to simply sign your unsigned card. You can even go one step further and sign the card, and then write “Check ID” next to your signature to request that the merchant also verify the ID of the person using the card.

Sign Your Credit Card

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