Money does not buy happiness

Yahoo! News reports Money does not buy happiness.

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This time old adage is true but not. Let me explain. Simply having money will not make you happy. Look at the super wealthy and you will find they suffer depression, suicide and addiction at the same rate as the rest of the general public. Money can not buy you happiness.

But when you have money you have choices and choices can make you happy. For example, when you have money you can decide which fancy restaurant to take your family to every night, versus making the choice at the grocery store if you can afford to buy meat for your family or will it be pasta again.

The number one cause of divorce is related to money, particularly not having any and bills.  Again when you have money this becomes less of an issue. Your fights will revolve around how many luxury cars you can afford, or how lavish your next vacation will be. When you don’t have money your fights tend to be about which bills won’t get paid.

In the end living a balanced life, filled with friends, family and with limited stress is as close as we can get to a recipe for a happy life.

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