Oprah Dave Ramsey style

Oprah is running a “Debt Diet” show today and yesterday. Sorry for the late notice. I work during the day but did watch the previews online. She also has a section where you can go and get help fighting your debt, click here for more details.

She breaks the process down into two parts.

Part 1
How much debt do you really have?
Track spending
Stop Spending

Part 2
Make a budget
Grow your Income
Prioritize your debts
Understand spending issues

I hope Dave Ramsey is getting paid because this is his exact step by step plan for dealing with debt.

I am really believe in the Ramsey school of thought so I am glad that Oprah is using her massive public reach to help others learn to crush your debt.

Living with debt is horrible, so any help or motivation to change your situation is welcomed.

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