Escape Debt Hell

This is a great article. It covers different people’s escape from debt. I don’t agree with all the methods used but the bottom line is these people took action to get out of debt and because of it they are living much happier lives, and wealthy… take a look for yourself.

Inga Shivers was working holidays and overtime and lying sleepless at night, juggling the bills in her mind — $55,000 worth — for her nine maxed-out credit-cards. The pharmacist’s exhaustion must have showed, because a kindly colleague who knew of her trouble pulled her aside and told her how he had needed help to dig out from a giant pile of medical bills.In that moment, Shivers, then 34, made her decision. She found a credit counselor, cut up all but one of the credit cards and got on a payment plan. Three and a half years later, she paid off the last of the bills.

Escape stories from debt hell – MSN Money

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