Black Friday

The [tag]Friday after thanksgiving[/tag] is the day retailers open stores early and offer deep discounts on their products. Will you be there? Some people make it a tradition to venture out to the malls to do combat with other deal seekers. My opinion is its fine to take part in this [tag]American tradition[/tag] as long as you stay with in your [tag]budget[/tag]!

Ooops did I say the “B” word. Sorry to rain on your parade but just cause they have everything on sale does not mean you have to buy everything! I personally don’t think my family will take part in [tag]Black Friday[/tag]. Unless we hear of a good deal.

We started our [tag]Christmas shopping[/tag] about 3 weeks ago. For two reasons, one to avoid the rush and two, to try and keep cost down, so far so good…

So if you will be one of the brave souls heading to the mall on Friday may the force be with you. You will need it.

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