Credit Cards are Not The Problem

I heard [tag]Dave Ramsey[/tag] say this on his radio show today. He then followed the comment with “credit cards are the symptom of someone not being able to say no…” This remark was in regards to a caller, so don’t take this as blanket statement about credit card usage.

What he is saying is some people believe they deserve what they want when they want it even if they can not afford it. With these types of people credit cards enable them to get things they want and pay later. The cost over time is a [tag]huge debt[/tag].

My generation has grown up in an incredible time of convenience, prosperity and wealth. This environment has helped to bread our “want it now” at what ever cost attitude. I think about my grandfather who passed away 15 years ago and if he saw how my generation treats money he would roll over in his grave. He would be ashamed of some of the financial choice I have made in my past.

It’s about responsibility and self control. So before anyone jumps on me as someone who is preaching a [tag]frugal life style[/tag], this is not the case! If you want a new truck/car save for it or at least a big down payment. Do you want a tropical beach vacation every year? Well give up your daily Starbucks coffee and save the money for your vacation.

It’s about choice and I choice to live [tag]debt free[/tag].

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