I Helped Buy a Bank in China Today

How may you ask? Today [tag]Citigroup[/tag] has lead a consortium of investors in purchasing one of China’s largest regional banks. So I am glad to see the late fees and interest I have paid to Citigroup over the years have allowed them to purchase a bank.

Seriously I am not bitter at all. I made the choice in the past that allowed my self to get into [tag]debt[/tag]and owe money to the Citigroup. But it’s a perfect example of how interest works in your favor when you are on the other side of the [tag]debt equation[/tag]. We should all make sure we are debt free so we too can make our money work for us. Not that we will be able to purchase a bank any time soon but we as Americans should set the goal of securing a financial secure [tag]nest egg[/tag] for retirement.

Oh and if you want to know how much a [tag]bank in China[/tag] cost? $3.06 [tag]Billion dollars[/tag].

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